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Harley James & The Emerald Tablets of Egypt

By Leah Cupps We have another Harley James adventure for you!  This one is called Harley James and the Emerald Tablets of Egypt. Find out more about her latest adventure and enter for a chance to win a $50 Amazon e-gift card! Harley James and the Emerald Tablets of Egypt (Standalone Adventures) Expected Publication Date: OctoberContinue reading “Harley James & The Emerald Tablets of Egypt”



By Neal Shusterman PUBLISHER: Simon & Schuster RELEASE DATE: November 8, 2022 GENRES: YA Fantasy, YA Dystopian PURCHASE LINKS: SYNOPSIS: The New York Times bestselling Arc of the Scythe series continues with thrilling stories that span the timeline. Storylines continue. Origin stories are revealed. And new Scythes emerge! There are still countless tales ofContinue reading “Gleanings”


by Lyndall Clipstone Book Info: Forestfall (World at the Lake’s Edge #2) by Lyndall Clipstone Genre: Young Adult Fantasy Publishing Date: September 27, 2022 Synopsis: Some oaths can never be broken…The curse that haunted Lakesedge Estate has been broken, but at great cost. Violeta Graceling has sacrificed herself to end the Corruption. To escape death,Continue reading “Forestfall”

Kingdom Come

Welcome to the book tour for the beautiful fourth installment in the Birth of the Fae series, Kingdom Come! Read on for more details and a chance to win a FairyLoot Crate! Kingdom Come (Birth of the Fae #4) Publication Date: May 30th, 2022 Genre: Fantasy/ Fae All is peaceful in the Veil, which is usually whenContinue reading “Kingdom Come”


By Adalyn Grace Summary: Orphaned as a baby, nineteen-year-old Signa has been raised by a string of guardians, each more interested in her wealth than her well-being—and each has met an untimely end. Her remaining relatives are the elusive Hawthornes, an eccentric family living at Thorn Grove, an estate both glittering and gloomy. Its patriarchContinue reading “Belladonna”

Alliana Girl of Dragons

by Julie Abe Book Info: Alliana, Girl of Dragons by Julie Abe Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy Publishing Date: August 2, 2022 Synopsis: Once upon a time, Alliana believed in dreams and fairy tales as sweet as spun-sugar clouds. Alliana wished on shooting stars, sure that someday she and her grandmother would be able to travelContinue reading “Alliana Girl of Dragons”

Long Live The The Pumpkin Queen

By Shea Ernshaw Summary: Jack and Sally are “truly meant to be” … or are they? Sally Skellington is the official, newly-minted Pumpkin Queen after a whirlwind courtship with her true love, Jack, who Sally adores with every inch of her fabric seams — if only she could say the same for her new roleContinue reading “Long Live The The Pumpkin Queen”

The Celestial Kingdom Duology

Daughter Of The Moon Goddess By Sue Lynn Tan Daughter Of The Moon Goddess A captivating debut fantasy inspired by the legend of Chang’e, the Chinese moon goddess, in which a young woman’s quest to free her mother pits her against the most powerful immortal in the realm. Growing up on the moon, Xingyin isContinue reading “The Celestial Kingdom Duology”

Heroes & Harbingers

By Ark Horton Welcome to the tour for Secrets of Pantheons, the first book in ARK Horton’s Heroes and Harbingers series! Read on for more info and a chance to win a great giveaway! Secret of Pantheons (Heroes & Harbingers #1) Publication Date: June 11th, 2022 Genre: Adult Fantasy Academia Food fights. Detention. Dissecting fairies for scienceContinue reading “Heroes & Harbingers”

Wind Daughter

By Joanna Ruth Meyer Summary: Book Info: Wind Daughter (Echo North #2) by Joanna Ruth Meyer Genre: Young Adult Fantasy Retelling Publishing Date: July 12, 2022 A hauntingly beautiful fairy tale about love and loss, this Echo North companion novel is perfect for fans of the Winternight Trilogy. In the dark, cold reaches of the north livesContinue reading “Wind Daughter”