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Meet the Blogger

I am a stay at home mom to three little beautiful girls. My husband and I own our own business Mayhem Leather Company. Between the business and the kids we are extremely busy. Reading has always been a pretty large part of my life since I was a child. After marriage, three kids, starting our own business, and cash flowing a house build (which is still in the beginning stages) I struggled to find a balance between responsibility and taking care of my mental health. Reading got shoved to the backburner, and my mental health took a nosedive. I have only recently, during the past year, been able to make time for myself and do things that I love to do. It has been a huge help to me both mentally and emotionally. Books are my passion and my escape from the craziness that is my life. I love to read fantasy, ya fantasy, thrillers, and mysteries mostly. However, I will pretty much read anything. I thought I would turn my book obsession and my struggle to find my own identity as a mommy of three into a blog, so I can share with you all the wonderful stories that I have read, want to read, and even those I have read that I didn’t quite enjoy as much as others. So dive on in with me into these wonderful worlds of imagination.

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