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Flame In The Palace

Lady of Avalion

by Seluna Drake

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Flame in the Palace (Lady of Avalion #1)

Publication Date: May 13, 2022Genre: Fantasy Romance/ Romantasy/ Epic Fantasy


With her heritage shrouded in mystery and a future seemingly destined for obscurity, a young orphan is raised in her grandmother’s roadside inn. And though she loves her work tending tables, Myria yearns for more. She learns any magic she can from traveling mages, though this only serves to kindle her desire to break free from her mundane life.

When a chance visit to the inn provides an opportunity to learn the magic of the noble elite, Myria’s life changes. But to join the nobility and learn their mystical secrets, she must win the prince’s heart by the end of the summer and become the future Queen of Avalion.

Five noble ladies contend for the same prize over a season of ritualized competitions and formal events, and Myria is thrust into a world of glittering ballrooms, excessive wealth, and charming aristocrats.

But as she learns that the gleaming palaces of Avalion conceal nests of vipers, she must decide if joining them is a cost worth paying to unravel the mysteries of their magic. And the more she learns, the more she realizes there is a shadow hanging over the kingdom that cannot be dispelled merely by a Flame in the Palace.

I absolutely love fantasy competitions of all sorts. Whether it be for the crown, for fame, or for treasure, I love them all. This one was no exception. Full of intrigue and aventure this book captivated me from the first chapter. I was able to finish the whole book in one sitting because I just could not put it down. Myria is a headstrong, not intimidated easily, brave girl who is thrown into the nobilty world. She must navigate unfamiliar politics, and try to decidde what it is she really wants. I was torn between Prince Leor and Emiri, two more than worthy book boyfriends. This book is super interesting and I love how the female friendships are represented here. Mystery, magic, and mayhem make up this fascinating tale. I loved everything about it, and look forward to more from this author.

author photo

Seluna Drake (she/her) is a high school English teacher, author, poet, and artist. Most of the time she passes as a chaotic creative who spends way too much time on video games and not enough time talking to her therapist. She also considers herself a witch, INFP, and an advocate for youth and marginalized voices. You can find her primarily on Twitter: @SelunaDrake.

Seluna Drake | Instagram | Facebook

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