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Of Legends and Roses

By Ashley W Slaughter

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Welcome to the book tour for Of Legends and Roses by Ashley W. Slaughter. Read on for details and the chance to win a fabulous giveaway! Oh and stay tuned for the release of the second installment in the series Of Deceit and Snow which comes out this November!

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Of Legends and Roses (The Crowned Chronicles #1)

Publication Date: August 31, 2021

Genre: YA Fantasy

A realm touched and forgotten by magic.
A young queen orphaned by disease.
A prince after her heart.

Queen Rosemary Avelia knows little about ruling a kingdom, and even less so about the ancient legends of her land. Since no one has been born Talented in centuries, she simply scoffs at the idea of magic. However, when the charming Prince Gryffin Danicio arrives just as her kingdom is under a deadly threat, he shows her that not all kingdoms of the Magian Peninsula have so quickly dismissed the legends of the Talented. Perhaps the Talented should not so easily be forgotten.

Of Legends and Roses is the first book in The Crowned Chronicles, a series following passionate and determined Queen Rosemary as she faces reign, love, the threat of war, and the mystifying world of the Talented.

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I heard Zeke’s voice again. Point your blade downward.

With every emotion swirling through my head, I almost laughed; even in his absence, Zeke was trying to tell me what to do.

But I listened to him as I pushed up from the cobblestoned street and let the tip of my sword hang downward toward the ground. Don’t relax. I tried to feign fatigue, which really wasn’t too much of a challenge, but I kept my arms taut. Ready.

A wicked smile spread across my opponent’s face, and he strode forward, his weapon glinting in the sun, ready to strike.

Then, just before I was within his sword’s reach, I shot the tip of my blade upward, and I thrust my sword forward with every fiber of strength contained within me.


I absolutely adored this story. Queen Rosemary has already had her fair share of bad things happen to her, even at her young age. Losing her parents at a young age to disease she has taken to raising her sisters with the help of a few close mentors and her best frend Zeke. She wants to be a great Queen, but her council members say she needs a King by her side. After rejecting several ill fitting prospects, Prince Griffin comes along. He makes her feel like she is doing great things, and puts his faith in her as the Queen. She starts to fall for him, but of course, there is Zeke. She can’t deny her feelings for her best friend, and does not knonw quite what to make of her feelings for Prince Griffin. Although, society would say she can’t be with Zeke because he is not of royal blood, the heart wants what the heart wants.

There is an attack on the kingdom while Prince Griffin is there, and he vows to protect her and her sisters. But who is this assassin, and who sent him? Is Prince Griffin really who he says he is, or is there a plot from within her own kingdom?

I will admit I had no idea what was really going on throughout the entirety of the story. I thought one way, and was proven wrong. Than I thought I had it figured out again, but yet, wrong again. I loved how it kept me guessing. Predictable stories can get boring. This was in no way boring. I loved how Queen Rosemary was trying to navigate all these conflicting feelings. She was trying to make sense of all that was happening around her, all the while leading her kingdom. I adored her. She was trying to do what was right and the best thing, even if she was a little misguided through some of it. I also loved Zeke. He was the perfect amount of teasing, handsome, protective, and loving. You can ses his love for her through all of his actions.

The ending did me in. I was like turning the pages and than it stopped, and I was like no way. Cliffhanger endings are the best and the worst. I absolutely cannot wait for book 2 in this series. I adored these characters and I need more of them.

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About the Author

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Ashley W. Slaughter was born and raised in south Louisiana, among sugarcane fields lining the banks of the Mississippi River. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from the University of Louisiana at Monroe in 2018 and worked as a wildlife biologist before pursuing her career as an author. Writing has always been a passion of hers, as shown through her near-to-bursting manila folder of short stories she’d written throughout grade school, and the COVID-19 pandemic has allowed her to rediscover this passion. She enjoys hiking, kayaking, spending time with her husband and pets, and, of course, reading.

Ashley Slaughter

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