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Margot Mertz Takes It Down

Rating: 4 out of 5.


Veronica Mars meets Moxie in this hilarious and biting YA contemporary novel following Margot Mertz, a girl who runs an internet cleanup business and embarks on a quest to take down a revenge-porn site targeting the girls in her school.

Margot Mertz is a secret sleuth–okay, not really, but she does run an internet cleanup business helping students and teachers alike clear their internet presence of anything they don’t want anyone else to see. From secret embarrassing DM’s to viral videos and more, Margot cleans it all. After her parents foolishly lost her college fund, this is the only way she can make it to Stanford.

But when a fellow student comes to her asking her to take down a website that’s gathering nude pics of fellow Roosevelt High girls, things get personal. Margot must delve into the depths of her school to take down the culprit. The seedy underbelly of Roosevelt High is not unfamiliar to Margot–but somehow this case is stumping her at every turn–until she figures out that the only way to reach her suspects is to get close to perfect boy Avery Green. His access to every club, volunteer opportunity, sports team, and popular party is the key to solving her case.

When the case takes a shocking turn, Margot’s ready to burn the whole world down. No one targets the Roosevelt High girls on Margot’s watch. Mertz Clean Your Filth is on the case.


Margo Mertz takes it down is an inspiring story of a girl who decides enough is enough I am going to put an end to this internet bullying. She already deals with getting rid of secrets/filth/etc.. sent her entrepreneur business, so adding another to the list she takes down is not that big of a deal.. or so she thinks,

I’ll admit at first while reading this I did not like Margot. She doesn’t like anybody or anything basically and kind of seems like a boring person to be around. Her intentions are good, I believe, but it’s almost like she can’t find the joy in anything because she’s so focused on what people are doing wrong. I appreciated the things she stood for mostly but the way she went about it was kind of awful and how she treated people was kind of awful. In this endeavor to take down this website that has been targeting high school girls you can see her passion and that she really believes that what she’s doing is right. In a way I believe that what she was doing was right as well, except for the way she went about it. But when things like this go unseen, unheard and looked over a million times I can understand her approach. I loved how her character develops throughout this book. The person she starts out is not the person she ends up being. How she make the right steps to correct the things she did wrong taking down this horrible website. How she exposes what they were doing. It all comes together so nicely. I love how she enlist the help of some of the girls that were hurt through this website.

This book definitely highlights how a lot of things are looked over as boys being boys and how women’s and girls opinions or reports are overlooked and swept under the rug or not taken seriously which is a huge problem for today’s youth and for all ages. Avery was a nice add in as he is the romantic interest sort of. Is he being used? Does she really have feelings for him? I mean she does not even really know. Her own confusion and her own decision about how she feels and who she is and what she wants to do with her life and the steps she wants to take get in the way.

Margot has to deal with a lot of things including betrayal from some of those closest to her. How she deals with that is what a lot of highschoolers go through today with just normal friendships and “he said she said” betrayals. The ending took me a little bit by surprise but I loved how it ended. I loved how it all eventually went down, and I loved how she was able to come around and figure a little bit about herself as well.

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