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The Field of Wrong Doing

by Lili St. Germain

Rating: 4 out of 5.


How well can you really know someone?

The smallest towns hold the darkest secrets. And the people you least suspect are the ones you should fear the most.

When Cassie’s friend disappears, Cassie knows all too well the tragic end Jennifer has probably met. After all, Cassie is the one who found the last murdered girl in the field on her boyfriend Leo’s property nine years ago.

She never believed the love of her life was capable of such a brutal crime. Not even after Leo went to prison for an unrelated crime. But now he’s back, released on parole, and another girl has gone missing . . .

USA Today bestselling author Lili St. Germain delivers a terrifying, unpredictable thrill ride that explores how far one woman is willing to go to discover the truth – and the brutal betrayals she unearths along the way.


The Field of Wrong Doing is an absolutely dark and twisted thriller that will haunt you long after reading. I was not sure what to expect going in as I have never read any of her work before. Fantasy/Sci-Fi is my preferred genre, so not only was I stepping out of my comfort zone I was going in blind to Germain’s work. I was not disappointed. When I read thrillers I prefer them to be dark, terrifying, and haunting. This was all of those and more. I was hooked afer the first sentence.

“It’s not every morning you drink dead girl juice.”

With an opening like that I knew this was a book for me. While that may seem strange… I am strange and I am ok with that. As I read further I still was not quite sure what I was getting into. With time jumps back and forth I was slowly starting to see the bigger picture, however, nothing prepared me for what was actually going on. It is horrifying, devastating, and so incredibly sad. Throw in some dark sexual themes and it is an altogether perfect storm for disaster.

I never knew quite what the real story was until almost the very end of the book, which was not a negative thing at all. A great thriller keeps you guessing until the author is ready for you to know what is going on. Germain executed this perfectly. The only negative thing is that with twist and turns all over the place I absolutely could not put it down and ended up staying up way past my bedtime. I read the whole thing in one sitting on the very same day it came in the mail.

If you are looking for a thriller that will suck you in and devour you…. this is it.

Trigger Warning: Rape, Death of Parent, Child murder

*Thank you Level 4 Press for my gifted copy*


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