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Turn The Page Tours Himawari House

by Harmony Becker

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

A young adult graphic novel about three foreign exchange students and the pleasures, and difficulties, of adjusting to living in Japan.

Living in a new country is no walk in the park―Nao, Hyejung, and Tina can all attest to that. The three of them became fast friends through living together in the Himawari House in Tokyo and attending the same Japanese cram school. Nao came to Japan to reconnect with her Japanese heritage, while Hyejung and Tina came to find freedom and their own paths. Though each of them has her own motivations and challanges, they all deal with language barriers, being a fish out of water, self discovery, love, and family.

My Favorite Things About Himawari House:

  1. The artwork and illustrations. These were absolutely gorgeous, and definitely superior to some graphic novels I have read before.
  2. Japanese Culture. I have ben devouring books that have differerent aspects of different cultures that I can learn about. Now I need some mochi desperately.
  3. The struggle and effort to learn a new language. I loved how it showed the difficulty of learning a new language and a new culture for those immigrating, and how hard it is to try to adapt and blend in when you are feeling so different.
  4. Female Friendships! Some great dynamics between these ladies. Friends are hard as a female. Feelings of not being good enough, comparison, and just downright feeling not as attractive as another… these all play a factor in causing female friendships to crash and burn. I loved how strong the friendships were.
  5. Family. Finding family and feeling a sense of belonging is so important and I love stories that show that.

Himawari House
by Harmony Becker
Published by First Second
Releasing on November 9, 2021
YA FICTION-Contemporary, Graphic Novel

Harmony Becker was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is the illustrator of George Takei’s graphic memoir They Called Us Enemy. She currently lives in Mexico City.


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