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The Eye of Elektron

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.


Two souls from different realms. Bound by sacrifice. Torn by fate.

For eleven years, Sumrects have trapped humans in an alternate realm where an ancient evil brews, awaiting its nemesis…

A nineteen-year-old human stands in the way, but she does not know it yet…

Dawn has more pressing matters at hand.

Competition to be Portrait Artist at Crimson Estate is fierce. One hour to paint. One lives. One dies. And participation is not voluntary.

To save her brother’s life, Dawn ensures her own execution by painting a magical device the Sumrects despise—the Eye of Elektron. Banned from use, the Eye of Elektron has not functioned since the failed human rebellion against Sumrectian tyranny eleven years ago.

Somehow, it comes to life in her hands…

And captures the attention of Ansel Cassadian, the most powerful Sumrect in a thousand years. Strangely, he seems to know everything about her difficult past—a past that holds the key to her future.

As evil threatens to destroy all she holds dear, Dawn must reawaken the Eye of Elektron in time to free the humans and save the Sumrect who risked his destiny to protect her.


He took a flower and weaved it into her hair, his gentle fingers brushing her ear as he did so. In
that moment, an inexplicable warmth traveled through Dawn’s body. His eyes, brimming with
kindness and softened with wisdom, awoke in her a slumbering passion. For some odd reason,
she felt as if he had known her for a long time. Much longer than the few days she had been
staying at Chesterfield.
Why does he have to be so mesmerizing? She withdrew her hands with a jolt. Since she was
eight, she had learned to be strong, to become invisible under the mask of conformity, to
survive. Humans and Sumrects alike viewed her as one of the innumerable prisoners whose
existence had been made insignificant by Sumrect oppression. No one had ever looked at her
the way Ansel did, with admiration, fondness and wonder, as if she was an individual worthy of
time and attention.
Frankly, she did not know why Ansel found her to be so interesting.


Eye of Elektron is a fascinating and unique story. I did not realize it was more on the sci-fi side of fantasy which I actually love because I feel like there is not enough of that out there. It takes place in a parallel universe of sorts, and the technological advancements were a little over my head. Some of the terminology and facts were lost a little for me… it will definitely require a slower re-read. The world Leigh created was so interesting I kept wanting more … more about how this world came about and its history. I also am very interested in learning more about Amber which is to come I found out and am super excited for that.

Dawn and Ansels’ relationship develops slowly throughout the story, and there were some twists with them that I did not see coming. Delia is probably my favorite character. She is the Sumrect that Ansel leaves in charge of his estate while he is gone. She is a spitfire woman that you can not help but love. There are quite a few characters that will win you over and steal your heart, but I will leave that up to you to discover on your own.

The only thing that kept this from being a four star read for me is the lack of differentiation of whose POV we were hearing from. It would switch often and it did take me a minute to figure it out.

I definitely would recommend this book as a fun unique sci-fi story.

Leigh G. Wynn is a fantasy writer based in Miami, FL.

Book title: The Eye of Elektron
It’s part of a series: The Sumrectian Series Book 1
Genre: Contemporary Fantasy


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