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Medusa by Rosie Hewlett

Rating: 5 out of 5.

You know her name, you know her story. Just not the right one. 

Within the depths of the Underworld the formidable snake-haired Gorgon has finally had enough. Tired of being eternally and unjustly brandished a villain, Medusa has found the courage to face her tragic past and speak out. Determined to expose the centuries of lies surrounding her name, Medusa gives unparalleled insight into her cursed life, from her earliest memories and abandonment at birth, right through to her tragic and untimely death at the hands of the hero Perseus. Through telling her story, Medusa finally reveals the lost truth behind antiquity’s most infamous monster.

Medusa breathes new life into an ancient story and echoes the battle that women throughout millennia have continued to wage – the opportunity to simply be heard.


This was a heartbreaking look into the story of Medusa…. From the first chapter in you can not help but feel for her and all that she went through. The parallels between her story and what women today deal with were very apparent. I thought the narrated style of story telling would not read very well, but I actually really enjoyed it.

This book has a very nice flow to it. The way she broke off from the story to address the readers felt very natural. Every emotion Medusa felt came blaring out from the pages to smack me in the face. The last few chapters had me in tears knowing it had to end a certain way but not wanting it to. I loved seeing her relationship with Perseus evolve. The way they developed together was amazingly well done. The struggle that Perseus himself went through…. save his mother or doom them both… heart wrenching to see unfold. This is definitely not your typical Medusa story, and I loved it even more for that.


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