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The Eternal Dusk

The Eternal Dusk ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Victoria J. Price

2nd book in Daughter of the Phoenix Series Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult Publication date: 22nd August 2020 Pages: 347

Angels are disappearing. Witches are gathering. An ancient darkness is rising.

It’s been just over a month since eighteen-year-old Fia Aldridge has returned to Earth from the parallel world of Ohinyan.

She thought she’d be safe back in London—and that she’d be protecting her friends from Erebus, the ancient darkness that was calling to her.

But when she discovers angels are going missing at the hands of a local witch coven, she knows she has to find a way back to Ohinyan and warn her friends, even if it means Erebus will be waiting.

Little does she know, the darkness is about to be set free—and he’s only interested in one thing: finding Fia.

Find out what happens next in the thrilling sequel to The Third Sun: Daughter of the Phoenix Book One. A richly woven tale drawing on ancient myths and legends, bursting with adventure, elemental magic, angels, witches, shapeshifters and slow burn romance. Fans of Brigid Kemmerer, Laini Taylor and Sarah J Maas will devour this series.

Trigger warning: Themes of grief, loss and anxiety. Mild fantasy violence.


A shadow stirred from behind the counter. Fia crouched low to the floor behind a bookcase and froze. She breathed through her nose, bracing herself, ready to lunge forward—but someone was asleep behind the counter. They coughed and readjusted their position, and she heard slow and steady breathing, with the occasional snore. Now or never. Fia held her breath as she tiptoed to the back of the shop and down the wooden staircase in the darkness, praying the steps would not creak beneath her feet.

A woman was waiting for her. Light brown eyes looked up from behind waist-length blonde hair. “There’s no time for questions,” she whispered in a hurry, catching Fia by the wrist as she reached the bottom step. “Look straight ahead, walk confidently, and don’t look back until you’re outside.”

A voice called out from above them in the shop. They were running out of time.

“Outside what?” Fia whispered, pulling at the woman’s grip. The witch towered over Fi

“Outside what?” Fia whispered, pulling at the woman’s grip. The witch towered over Fia as she slid a wooden wall panel to one side, and in front of them, carved out of the earth, was a tunnel.

“Hazel, is that you?” a man’s voice called out from above.

“Don’t look back until you’re outside,” Hazel repeated and shoved Fia through the gap in the panels.

Fia felt it immediately. A slight pressure shift, enough to make her want to hold her nose and pop her ears. She resisted the urge to look back, to see who was calling out to them and what would happen to Hazel. With only a few footsteps, Fia knew. This was not a tunnel under London.

This was Ohinyan.


I really enjoyed this second installment of the series. I feel like sometimes the second book in a series is a filler and does not really hold much substance. This was the opposite for this story. I actually loved this second book even more than the first. I loved the character development, and the story progression. Plus can we talk about cliff hanger endings!!! I swiped to keep reading and the pages wouldn’t come and I was sitting there like …. THAT’S HOW IT ENDS!?!?? I am anxiously waiting for the third book to find out what happens next in this saga.

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Author Bio

Victoria lives in leafy Surrey, in the South East of England. She loves fairy tales, myths and legends, and grew up creating stories both in words and pictures. When she’s not writing you’ll find her exploring with her husband and their two dogs, searching for beautiful hidden places and secret picnic spots.

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