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Teen Titans

Teen Titans Beast Boy Kami Garcia Gabriel Picolo

Garfield Logan wants to be remembered for something. It’s his final year of school and he feels like a nobody. There is nothing that makes him unique or special in his eyes. On a whim he accepts and manages to succeed a challenge that changes things. His popularity is not the only thing changing… he notices that he’s growing rapidly, voice is deepening, muscle where bone and scrawny flesh used to be. On top of that to keep his popularity he seems to have to keeping being bigger and better. Some of his changes are causing him to question everything around him. What is happening to Garfield Logan?

While I’m embarrassed to say that this was my first step into graphic novels I am so glad I did! This was such an entertaining story that I finished in one sitting. I have always enjoyed reading on how superheroes or even villains were made or came upon their powers, and this did not disappoint. I found myself giggling aloud so many times while reminiscing of my own high school experiences. This book is captivating from beginning to end. When I got to the last page I did not want it to be over, and I can’t wait to see the next chapter in this series!

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