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The Kinder Poison by Natalie Mae

Synopsis (from book):

Zahru has long dreamed of leaving the kingdom of Orkena and having the kinds of adventure she’s only ever heard about in stories. But as a lowly Whisperer, her power to commune with animals means that her place is serving in the royal stables until the day her magic runs dry. All that changes when the alien ruler invokes the crossing. A death defined race across the desert, in which the first of his heirs to finish – and take the life of a human sacrifice at the journeys end – will ascend to the throne. With all of the kingdom abuzz, Zara leaps at the chance to change her fate if just for a night by sneaking into the palace for a taste of the revelry. But the minor indiscretion turns into a deadly mistake when she gets caught up in a feud between the heirs and is forced to become the Crossing’s human sacrifice. Now Zahru’s only hope for survival hinges on the impossible: somehow figuring out how to overcome the most dangerous people in the world.


First things first, I read this book in it’s entirety in one sitting, so that should tell you a lot right there. The story was very fast pace, and the plot was interesting enough to keep me guessing. Zahru was completely relatable in the fact that she feels in adequate and unimportant, but also a fierce protectiveness for her family and friends. A few of the other characters I also fell in love with. Zahru’s best friend Hen is completely loveable and I wish she had more involvement in this story. Jet’s teammate Melia is a delight and her sarcasm is hysterical.

As a fan of “Is he or is he not a villain” characters, without giving too much away, I am curious as to how this certain character develops further in the series.

Overall it is a very enjoyable YA fantasy/romance book. I highly recommend it, and I’m anxiously waiting for the sequel.


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